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Our Businesses

Imagine the opportunities if you owned one of the largest portfolios of real estate in the world. You could develop some of the real estateaˆ”particularly your premier destinations, your beachfront property. You could sell some of the real estate, allowing property buyers access to your exclusive inventory. You could use the insight from your holdings (what’s selling, what’s worth developing) to acquire additional properties. And you could offer other property owners access to your sales or development platform.

This is the opportunity for NameMedia.

As the owner of one of the largest portfolios of domain names, NameMedia is focused on acquiring, developing and selling digital real estate.

We do this through our media business (domain monetization) and our marketplace business (domain buying and selling).

Our media business allows advertisers to reach the highly targeted online audiences that visit our network of domain names, including websites that have rich communities of highly engaged enthusiasts using our innovative social media platform. Collectively, these websites receive more than 60 million visitors monthly.

Our marketplace business has created the equivalent of the “MLS” for domain properties by aggregating the largest number of premium domains for sale (including those owned by us and those owned by others who have joined our listing service) and the largest number of domain buyers through our global distribution network. The Domain Listing Service (DLS) has now sold domains to customers in more than 100 countries.