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Media Services

Our domain monetization platform provides industry-leading monetization and service to portfolio owners of premium domains. Our platform started by serving a portfolio of more than 900,000 domains—our own. We have developed three different monetization solutions to assure that each domain name yields the highest return.  We are now offering this platform, at, to other domain owners so they can maximize the revenue from visitors to their domains.

SmartName Solutions

Domain Direct Search Services

SmartName is the leader in the domain publishing industry, helping domain-name owners develop  their websites to achieve maximum success. Through market-tested landing pages and state-of-the-art reporting tools, the NameMedia’s domain direct search platform has become the industry’s innovation and optimization leader.

SmartName Shops

SmartName brings to you the most comprehensive selection of product, price and merchant information in an easy-to-browse format, giving customers a vast range of choices to compare and contrast before making their final decision. As part of the NameMedia network of niche web stores, our exclusive SiteSense technology optimizes product search results from today’s top brands and merchants, giving you the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for in as few clicks as possible.

SmartName Content

SmartName delivers a user-friendly content site development, providing customers with content-rich sites that provide a compelling experience for consumers. SmartName provides tens of thousands sources of content and millions of articles relating to hundreds of thousands keyword-related topics enabling consumers to view relevant content and applicable ads.

Economies of Scale

Each month, more than 50 million consumers visit our network of websites, making us one of the largest networks for targeted domain traffic. Our superior revenue share and domain monetization options allows us to maximize your yield.

To learn more, or to open an account visit our Affiliate Network at